Architectural Tile & Stone is Austin, Texas’ most sought-after tile distributor. We go beyond backsplashes and bathroom floors to curate memorable tiled masterpieces limited only by your imagination. Select textured porcelain tiles, carved and polished marble tiles, or gold etched leaf on marble.

Browse our showroom on your own, or make an appointment with one of our interior designers to discover a unique tile that complements your distinct style.

Cut to size

Not every order is a “one-size-fits-all” kind of project. In fact, those special circumstances are our specialty. If you need cut-to-size tile, we’ll coordinate with the manufacturer on bespoke tile for your residential or commercial project.

Selection sheets

Seeing a sample is great, but it can be difficult to imagine an entire room or building from one square. We offer selection sheets to enhance your peace of mind and minimize the potential for error upon installation. When you choose a tile, you’ll receive a detailed ancillary document with all the information about the tile you’ve selected (size, price, etc.) and essential information for your tile setter. Just hand off this document to your chosen installer, and you can feel confident that the tile you selected will look fabulous in your space.

Lot photos

The beauty of natural stone lies in its distinctive patterns and colors. We know that some inconsistencies are more beautiful than others, so you’ll receive lot photos when you select natural stone tiles, so you can see color striations and grain patterns before you say yes.

No surprises

Some distributors ship directly from the supplier to your home. It sounds convenient, but if you receive broken or discolored tiles, you’ll be responsible for coordinating the return. When you choose Architectural Tile & Stone, all tiles are delivered directly to our on-site warehouse. Before they’re sent to your project, each crate is meticulously checked for damage and compared to lot photos to ensure you get exactly what you ordered.


Let our past projects encourage you to think beyond countertops and backsplashes, and inspire you to select slabs and tiles that showcase your innate sense of style.

Why Choose Us?

Architectural Tile & Stone can make your wildest design dreams come true. We scour the planet to meticulously select every slab and tile that comes through our doors, and we’re proud to offer options you won’t find anywhere else.


Our products may be prehistoric, but we draw inspiration from high-fashion as we source slabs from around the world. Choose from old and new quarries, encapsulated in a timeless slab of marble, quartzite, or granite.


When you visit our showroom, you’ll receive one-on-one advice from a team member with a background in design architecture.


Pattern matters when you choose marble, quartzite, granite, or other natural stone slabs. In-house fabrication and pre-installation layouts give you ultimate control over your end look.


Our installation team is the best in the business. These artisans have been with us since the beginning, and they’re known for their craftsmanship, tight seams, and commitment to safety.


Architectural Tile & Stone is the first company in Austin to achieve accreditation by the Natural Stone Institute. We source our slabs mostly from Italy to keep our quality high.


From moderate and cost-conscious tile to one-of-a-kind, cut-to-size commercial tile, Architectural Tile & Stone is Austin’s #1 boutique distributor of ceramic and natural stone tiles.

Let's talk about your project

Austin is a city of top design, and your home should speak volumes about your individual style. When you choose Architectural Tile & Stone, you benefit from decades of experience and unparalleled customer service. The salespeople, fabricators, warehouse team, and installers are passionate about taking your ideas and setting them in stone.


While we welcome walk-ins, we suggest setting an appointment for one-on-one personalized attention. Bring your color swatches and floor samples, and we’ll scour our selection of imported slabs and original ceramic and natural stone tiles that showcase your unique style.